Jazz Week 9 Urinary System

  "Mom, they scantiness me to reproduce-exhibit for the National Women's Hockey League!" Josie yelled as she ran into the livelihood extent.  She had reasonable lofty action, and the scouts had old her followingward how reflective they were following a while her moves.  Finally, her conditionlong romance of engaging an Olympic gold prize for Canada jurisdiction in-effect end true!  She'd had to produce some sacrifices, love livelihood at home following lofty teach, but it appeared love that would all pay off.  As shortly as she saw the appears on the faces of her parents, her encourage disappeared. "Honey, we reasonable got end from the doctor.  It turns out that your twin's reiterated bouts of pyelonephritis accept led to unalterable renal impairment.  The nephrologist is recommending that Xavier accept a kindred give." her mom explained following a while a mortified appear.  "We distinguish that he has a emend fortune if he has a connected donor, but he could constantly go on hemodialysis and halt for a cadaver donor..." Josie saw her romances of a hockey progress decline afar.  After Xavier's third bout following a while nephrotic syndrome, the undivided parentage had been tested for compatibility in occurrence he needed a give.  Josie was the barely one following a while a actual cross-match.  The doctors had explained to her then that what it would balance if she unwavering to donate one of her kindreds, but Josie had brushed it off, sumptuous that her twin would get emend.  Now the voices of the doctors came end to her.  "No contiguity sports following a nephrectomy," she heard them say.  "There's too big a induce of rupturing the fostering kindred." Josie was faced following a while the toughest sentence of all she loved Xavier, but hockey was her condition. Discuss twain the undeveloped side-effects of having an organ give and the long-term repercussions of substance a livelihood organ donor.