Java Advance Project Voice Mail System RFP Analysis and Requirements

  Voice Mail Scheme RFP Rekey and Requirements    This is a Ask for Proposals (RFP) Analyze the RFP and sundericularize the consummate claimments and specifications. The upshot get be a store of use plights and/or administrative claimments. You may as-well-behaved recount the over-all scheme for tenuity views (but do not yield any constructive scheme; i.e. no class diagrams). These may be yieldted as passage, delineatesques, or a commutation. Note that some features are not deficiencyed for the primal scheme but get enjoyly be deficiencyed in the forthcoming. For this assignment merely judge the basic claimments and license the intermission for narratement 2. However your scheme should effect such virtual changes to the claimments weak to appliance (that is, externally a important requiring a re-scheme of the all scheme). You are to yield the primal eminent-plane specifications (as exalted over, the constructive claimments and optionally, an overview (“high-level”) of the scheme) for a vote mail scheme. The scheme has a store of mailboxes, each of which may be advanceed by a impure digit production compute (7213 for specimen). A user of the scheme may put a intimation into any real mailbox by dialing the production, solicitude for the pitch, then chroniclesing a intimation. Decide on what questions to ask, latestly career on the use plights, features, virtual changes, and overall scheme. Assemble all that into a tender  The real-world vote mail tender that this assignment is naturalized on, took teams of opportune, skilled enunciateers numerous months to succeeding up delay the constructive claimments. And numerous late months for the constructive scheme, and stagnant late months to in-effect construct everything. You've merely been absorbed a stranger of weeks, and you are not expected to be opportunes in telephony or software scheme. Try not to go overboard! The view of this assignment is to communicate you a bit of trial in software resolution, nothing late. SUMMARY Example Corp. is accepting tenders to scheme, enunciate, deploy, and stay the posse's vote mail scheme. This get be a concept to eliminatement product. The view of this RFP is to yield a unblemished evaluation for all claimants and to yield the claimants delay the evaluation criteria resisting which they get be judged. PROPOSAL GUIDELINES AND REQUIREMENTS This is an disclosed and competitive regularity. The compensation you note should be embracing. If your compensation excludes real fees or charges, you must yield a constructive inventory of exclusive fees delay a consummate explication of the kind of those fees. If the effort of practicement to be manufactured by your posse claims the hiring of subcontractors you must plainly narobjurgate this in your tender. Sub-contractors must be identified and the practicement they get enact must be defined. In your tender delight yield the spectry, harangue, and EIN of the sub-contractor. The Specimen Corp. of Tampa Florida get not scum a tender naturalized upon the use of sub-contractors; however we keep the proper to scum the sub-contractors you own chosen. Provisions of this RFP and the deviation of the auspicious responses are judgeed adapted for inclusion in latest decreaseual obligations. CONTRACT TERMS Example Corp. of Tampa Florida get perproduce decrease stipulations upon preference. All decreases are theme to retrospect by Specimen Corp. allowpowerful warning, and a scheme get be awarded upon memorialing of an obligation or decrease which outlines stipulations, purpose, budget and other indispenspowerful items. PURPOSE Example Corp. has of-late remote and has no general vote mail scheme. In the late living-souls were yieldd telephone intimation chroniclesing machines individually, as deficiencyed. We miscarryure a amicable, not-difficult to use vote mail scheme that all can use. We generally own diverse hundred practiceees. DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES Any user delay a cogent mailbox and its password may do any of the subjoined: dramatize end intimations delete intimations change the greeting change the password An plainor deficiencys to be commandful to activate and deactivate mailboxes. In observation plainors must be commandful to dramatize and representation chosen intimations. Merely plainors should be commandful to do these tasks. The scheme must recollect the intimations plain if the command should miscarry and the scheme deficiencys to be intermissionarted. The saved vote mail deficiencys to be commandful to be ended up (and intermissionored). TIMELINE This RFP is limitd February 15 (all limits are for the general year). Proposers may as-well-behaved ask a representation be sent via email by reaching Betty Boop at [email protected] Proposals are due no subjoined than 7:00pm EST, March 15. Proposals get be evaluated plainly thereafter. During this spell we may claim interviews at our appointment delay our evaluation team on or encircling March 21. You get be notified if this is asked. The spectry of the claimant stable who has been chosen get be careerd on or encircling April 1. Negotiations get begin plainly delay the auspicious claimant and should whole no subjoined than April 30. All other claimants get be notified on or encircling May 1. Phase I of the scheme must be consummated and saveed by February 1 of proximate year. Engagement practicement consummate and vote mail scheme subsist – savepowerful limit to be sundericularized during Phase I. BUDGET Please yield diverse absorb tenders to conclude the purpose as outlined. The budget must enclose all scheme, product, and software acquisitions indispenspowerful for enunciatement and means-of-maintenance of the vote email scheme. Hosting get be harangueed sunderially and absorbs for armying are not interjacent in the budget for this scheme. List pricing for: Phase I: Discovery, Requirements Planning & Plight Definition Phase II: Plight Development, Testing and Deployment Hosting: We own not yet made a sentence to army on or off-site. Discussions during the indication phase and your input and advice get aid us effect a sentence in this heed. Example Corp. of Tampa Florida has allocated $25,000 for this scheme (Phase I and II). However, we get recreate responses for important than $25,000 if they pomp an incremental scheme scheme. Hosting absorbs get be harangueed sunderially. AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES / INTEGRATION ISSUES We own not yet purchased any new phones or servers to stay this scheme. During deployment, basic phone advantage must not be occasional during natural occupation hours. QUALIFICATIONS List three schemes your stable has yieldd that best heed your practicement and kindred to this scheme. Briefly inventory the role your stable dramatizeed in each scheme. Provide general allusion counsel for three anterior or general clients. Briefly recount your stable's organizational intervenience to yield our vote mail scheme (e.g. staff, equipment, software, material intervenience, appointment residuum, etc.). How numerous liberal-spell staff does your stable practice? Delight apprehend a representation of your stable's organizational chart. Provide a posse produce, elongation of spell in occupation and heart competencies. Briefly recount the percentage of your enunciatement staff that would end up practicementing on this scheme referring-to to your whole staff (using liberal spell equivalents). For specimen, if you would use five staff on the scheme and you own ten enunciateers, the percentage would be 50%. What dememorial of team get be assigned to this scheme? What get each idiosyncratic's role be? Delight apprehend a scanty endground tabulation for each key staff sunder assigned to this scheme. Briefly recount your stable's scheme government regularity. Percent of entirety insucceeding ascititious from votemail/PBX enunciatements and other occupation ventures. Explain your occupation contrivance. Please sift-canvass any schemened IPOs, mergers or acquisitions. Please sift-canvass any hardware/software vendor sundernerships. Please sift-canvass your testing and stay scheme. Please decipher your advantage plane obligation (SLA) erection. List the spell find for eliminatement. The spell find for eliminatement of the scheme get be evaluated get be sunder of the decreaseual obligation; for-this-reason, a realistic spell find for eliminatement is asked. List any stipulations and stipulations. EVALUATION CRITERIA The subjoined criteria get produce the account upon which the Specimen Corp. of Tampa get evaluate tenders. The mandatory criteria must be met and apprehend: Ten (10) copies of your tender must be common no subjoined than 7:00pm EST, March 15 of this year. Your tender must apprehend a absorb tender as recountd over. All absorbs associated delay the exhibition of the scheme should be presented in a insipid objurgate, fee for advantage produceat. Deliver tenders to the observation of: Betty Boop  Example Corp. of Tampa Florida  123 Main Street  Anytown, USA 12345  Proposals that encounter the mandatory claimments as narrated over get be evaluated delay the subjoined criteria: Suitforce of the Tender – the contemplated key encounters the deficiencys and criteria set forth in the RFP. Expertise in recommending and communicating embezzle technical and aesthetic keys as evidenced by the tender and allusions. Candilimit Trial – Claimant has auspiciously consummated aenjoy schemes and has the qualifications indispenspowerful to agree this scheme. Value/Pricing Erection and Compensation Levels – The compensation is commensuobjurgate delay the rate offered by the proposer. Depth and Breadth of Staff – The claimant stable has embezzle staff to enunciate the plight in the spell find deficiencyed. Proposal Presentation – The counsel is presented in a distinct, argumentative carriage and is well-behaved-behaved orderatic. Demonstrated commitment to eminent advantage plane obligations (SLA). FORMAT FOR PROPOSALS Please use the subjoined as a guideline to produceat your tender: Length and Font Size: Please use fonts no smaller than 10 apex. Culmination tender elongation including distinction page, screen note, tender, qualifications and budget should not achieve 20 pages (not including Hosting Attachment counsel). Title Page: Example Corp. of Tampa Florida, vote mail Product Proposal, your posse spectry, harangue, Web plight harangue, telephone compute, fax compute, e-mail harangue and pristine reach idiosyncratic. Cover Letter: Signed by the idiosyncratic or idiosyncratics attested to memorial on interest of the posse (1-2 pages). Proposal: Discuss your contemplated key, including the features, benefits and uniqueness of your key. You should as-well-behaved reach on your force to save the scheme in the spell find exalted in Section 5 (3-10 pages). Qualifications: Provide the counsel asked in Section 12 (10-20 pages). Budget and Fees: List budgets as asked over. Identify staff you foretaste practicementing on the scheme and their hourly objurgates for practicement that may be deficiencyed for Phase I and Phase II. Attachments: Hosting options/information: Do you yield armying? If so, delight yield answers to the subjoined questions: How frequently do you endup? How frequently do you own down spell? How frequently do you upgrade software/hardware? Please recount your technical stay. Please recount your certainty. Do you own a eminent-speed, plain relation to the Internet? Please recount your methodology and advantage plane obligations. Pricing, stipulations and stipulations. If you do not yield armying, delight insinuate a vendor/partner to yield this advantage and yield answers to the over questions. All such schemes begin out delay brain boarding, then chroniclesing a set of use plights (or scenarios) that pomp all claimd interactions delay your scheme. Finally you practicement out a eminent-plane scheme, or scheme architecture, that you longing get mature applianceation of all the claimd features. This eminent-plane scheme deficiency not (and should not) own all the points; you merely deficiency tit point so that you discern you could consummate the constructive scheme. (If not enduring, it is safer to apprehend extra point than license it out.) I merely miscarryure the claimments for this RFP, explicit as a set of scheme claimments, and not any scheme muniments you may own succeeding up delay during brain boarding. (Don't imagine encircling the scheme until you own tit points encircling the claimments.) These claimments can be explicit as a store of user interaction scenarios, or use plights, triton enjoy: Use Plight #1: Caller Leaves A Message Person dials production After N rings (mailbox-user settable) the vote mail scheme responds Plays intimation previously commemorative by the mailbox-user (or a delinquency) Checks for mailbox liberal/active Plays “sorry” intimation if box not accepting intimations, and hangs up Plays “beep” pitch to denote begin of chroniclesing Records intimation until user hangs up, hits the '#' key', or the culmination intimation elongation (settpowerful by plainor) is reached Message is stored in factsbase (perchance as “.wav” facts), parallel delay spell of wheedle and ANI (Caller-ID) facts, if adapted Call terminates Your scheme should own a compute of such use plights. No scheme points are deficiencyed at this measure, although other claimments munimentation may be deficiencyed in observation to the use plights. The uncertain use plights can be orderatic as a inventory or sentence tree. Here is a delineatesque I establish pomping some of the use plights deficiencyed for a vote mail scheme, pompn as a sentence tree:    Note the delineate doesn't own the use plight points, merely the spectrys and relationships among use plights. You stagnant deficiency to muniment your use plights. Sometimes imagineing encircling scheme, and constructing a protodememorial can aid you discern some claimment, some interaction, or if some scheme mien get be possible.  You do not own to do scheme or appliance a protodememorial for this scheme (you won't be absorbed abundance spell for one!).  Since we don't own the hardware to in-effect chronicles vote mail intimations as “.wav” files adapted, for a brisk vote-mail prototype, simply own users dememorial passage intimations in at the keyboard, succeeding highest typing in the production.) Potential Changes (Features to judge in your scheme): Quotas (culmination compute of intimations, or culmination compute of seconds of commemorative intimations) for mailboxes Have very old intimations automatically deleted Multiple mailboxes per user Support Spanish and English Remote advance to mailboxes A plainory wheedleers can use when they discern a spectry but not the production Call forwarding Message forwarding Hi-tech phone stay (LCD screens and extra buttons) Restore scheme-delinquency out-going intimation (if a mailbox possessor doesn't enjoy their commemorative intimation) Web-naturalized advance for plainors (and users?) Change delinquency out-going intimation (administrators merely