IST information project

   1. Background: The whole of indivisible counsel beneficial on the Internet is frightening. Anonymous users can ascertain your spectry, DOB, settle of oration (after a while photo), email oration(es), dating profiles, phone calculate, likes, abhor, origin kinsmen, gregarious media accounts, and photos …the inventory goes on and on. Requirements: Using , or other tools (ex. Google), inquiry the counsel beneficial on yourself. Try to meet all of the counsel inventoryed over (uniform if some of it sway be defective) and construct unmistakable to inventory the sites (URLs) you set-up it on. If you cannot meet a inequitable counsel, teach what you expert to do in classify to meet it. Then, reply these disgusting questions: What are the advantages and disadvantages (or dangers) of these tools? Were you informed that this counsel was online? Does notification of this counsel on these sites construct you weak? What steps could you catch to construct this counsel harder to succeed? (surrender pattern of developed, inequitable steps) 1-2 pages for this assignment. It has to feel plenty pages to ascertain your object and to cloak all the requirements. 2. Using Gregarious Blade and other online media, collate and dissimilarity two considerable influencers. You adopt two platforms.  · What are they selling? · What is their mission/goal? · What is the sum reckon of their video views? · How abundantly money do they construct from their Youtube videos? Daily? Monthly? Yearly? · How frequent subscribers do each feel? · Do they colleague after a while brands to notify merch? · How frequent subscribers do they medium in a day? · What are their monthly views? · What are their monthly subscriptions? · How repeatedly do they shaft? Days       per Week Monthly Yearly · What age is their target auditory? · What gender is their target auditory? · What fashion of lifestyle does their target auditory feel? Once you’ve completed the principal portio of the assignment, delight reply these questions. · Does intelligent this counsel about influencers a concourse construct a resolution on which influencer to surety or feel excite their products?  · What would contact a concourse’s resolution to feel an influencer excite its products? · Do you apprehend "Cancel Culture" plays into the flow and sink of influencers? Why or Why not? REQUIREMENTS: You get result a constructive ment of sundry pages replying these questions and citing your sources.