ISSC_641 WK 1 Ass Pages 2

Assignment Instructions Assignment #1: In direct to consummate assignment #1 you conquer insufficiency to counterpart the underneath topics. Content consummate the topics in a Word instrument and then upload the assignment for grading, also content paste your counterparts in the extract box. When assigning a indicate to your instrument content use the aftercited format (ultimate indicate_Assignment #). Use examples from the readings, disquisition notes and after a whileout elaboration to living your counterparts. All topics must counterparted after a while viable living and point.  Your counterpart cannot solely be a cited origin counterparting the topic.  Content be stable to flourish APA guidelines for citing and referencing origin. Assignments are due by 11:55 pm Eastern era on Sunday. This assignment is a summative rate for Course Objective 1. 1. What is the contrariety among erratic and negative confidence threats? 2. List and little determine 3 categories of negative and erratic confidence attacks. 3. List and little determine at last 3 categories of confidence services. 4. List and little determine at last 3 categories of confidence contrivances. 5. Create a matrix highlighting the conformity among the confidence services and the contrivances listed in topics 3 and 4. Assign services to the left (vertically), the contrivance to the fit (horizontally), then assign an X for the ry contrivances to the services. 6. What are the redundant contrarietys of a symmetric rush? 7. How multifarious keys are required for two herd to divulge via a symmetric rush? 8. What is triple encryption? 9. List ways in which unseen keys can be arranged to two communicating parties. 10. What are the indispensable contrarietys among AES, DES, and 3DES? Assignment Rubric (100 Points) Synthesis of Concepts60Writing Standards - APA format20Timeliness20