Complete this  essay demonstration by responding to disgusting of the forthcoming five inquirys: 1. Is it feasible for the U.S. Council to accustom dual-use, all-hazards methods to secure U.S. conveyance methods and exact infrastructure? Provide an pattern of a dual-use, ease/safety method for twain a conveyance method and a content of exact infrastructure that would discourse the cause of terrorism and other non-intentional hazards (either man-made or consistent). 2. Is the part of homeland ease maintained totally by the Department of Homeland Security, or is this part shared unformed other councilal and nongovernmental agencies? Explain your reply and afford patterns. 3. Do you honor that the Director of the Office of National Report earn always be cogent to opposition decades of cultural differences and turf battles betwixt the diverse report agencies of the U.S. Government? Why or why not? 4. Is the U.S. council doing ample to secure the enclosures of the dominion? In your estimation, is this the most influential atom of preventing terrorist attacks among the dominion? Can you designate any shortfalls that insist after a while respects to enclosure ease in the United States that could be exploited by terrorists? Provide references to influence your estimation. 5. Explain, as specifically as feasible, how the part of homeland ease is managed at the declare and national levels. Keep the forthcoming in judgment when completing this midterm essay demonstration: · When developing your replys, bear-in-mind, you must embrace (cited) basis to influence the important points in your exculpation. Your exculpations should not embrace natural citations after a whileout your thoughts and decomposition as-well. Rather, your exculpations must ponder a counterpoise betwixt basis and your perspective on the points you made. · Your exculpations to each of the demonstration inquirys should be a restriction of one page and a climax of two pages in diffusiveness, enfold spaced, and written in 11-point Arial font or 12-point Times New Roman. · Embrace the inquiry you are responding to straightway precedently each reply. · Embrace a title/cover page. · Just a reminder: Embrace some cited references and format them in the American Psychological Association (APA) answerableness diction (6th edition). · Submit your exam in one MS Word instrument and settle it in the embezzle assignment dropbox for grading. · The demonstration is due precedently the end of this module.