I feel chosen the theme and I feel written the Annotated Bibliograph now want this. THE RUBRICS IS ATTACHED  I NEED IT 30 HOURS FROM NOW Introduction (Proposal)  The primary segregate of the course of fitness a scrutiny disquisition is the preliminary. This exception discusses the theme you feel chosen to scrutiny. It consists of six exceptions: Hook: This segregate is optional. You rouse the disquisition unmanageable to seize the reader’s study. You can do it by either using a quote, elimination a theme, describing an occurrence, or using statistics. Your grip must be connected to your theme. Broad Description of Topic: You transcribe a paragraph explain your theme delay a unreserved overview. Thesis: You fir the resolve of your disquisition by fitness a forcible disquisition assertion. The disquisition assertion explains the comcomposition you are entrance in the disquisition, and it should be at the end of your overview. Statement of the Problem: In this exception, you want to delineate three to five reasons why the theme is considerable. In other articulation, this exception must feel at last three paragraphs. Research Questions: You must embrace three to five scrutiny themes that are connected to your disquisition assertion. These scrutiny themes will guide you through your revisal of the lore, which is the ocean exception of your disquisition. Literature Review:  You must use at last six sources in this exception, which three must be from academic sources. In other articulation, you are going to transcribe an overview of what other commonalty feel written environing your theme, and you must quote the sources in the collectiveness of your disquisition using APA format. This exception should feel at last eight paragraphs. References: You must embrace a Relation Inventory for the sources you used in the preliminary. The relation inventory must supervene APA format. The scrutiny disquisition must be written on type English, and learner should use the proper punctuation and capitalization. Also, it is recommended that learners use academic accents as plenteous as potential.