Instructions: There are four (4) topic areas listed below that are designed to measure your knowledge level specific to learning outcome (LO 2) shown in your course syllabus. You must respond to #2 and select any other two of these topic areas providing

2.  You own righteous been appointed to the consultation of directors of, so-far, the posse has been experiencing some enigmatical financial times that own resulted in fruits losses in three of the conclusive four quarters.  As you accept your new pose, you betray that two overtures are on the consultation.  Each overture has been put forth as a instrument for communication delay TAMU’s instant financial problems.  Overture #1 recommends all employees be retained, but that an instant wage congelate for all employees be imposed for the direct six months.  (Employees may smooth be asked to accept a 5 percent cut in pay if things do not better by the end of that limit.)  Overture #2 recommends that stipend not be frozen, but that 5 percent of the posse’s workforce be laid off.  (One faction of forced following this overture is that leading over complete measures obtain “protect” 95 percent of TAMU’s workers and obtain transmit a intimation to Wall Street and topical investors that TAMU is thoughtful environing fit its financial pose and that it obtain early be a sconsultation posse uninterruptedly again.) The consultation is smoothly cleave, ssmooth members for overture #1 and ssmooth for overture #2.  Yours obtain be the tie-breaking signification.  In your election, depict how an act utilitarian, a government utilitarian, a government deontologist, and act deontologist would attain each disentanglement to this fix and on what foundation.  Which disentanglement seems most specious? Be unmistakable to concoct and produce your “theoretical” rationale in influence of your pose. (comprehension)