CORONA VIRUS POWER POINT PRESENTATION FOR MY BUSINESS COMM CLASS ---> MGMT 1000 Business Communications Informative Presentation The primary singular gift allure be a four-tiny informative gift on a theme of your cherished. It is recommended that you fine a theme that is common to you and animated for your assortmates. Your theme must be submitted to your schoolmistress for plaudit by the duration involved in the assort list. A PowerPoint gift must be distribute of your primary gift, and sources for your instruction or ideas must be referenced in APA phraseology. this has to be a 4 tiny hanker gift after a while visual aids (pics) and one video (no hankerer than 30 seconds) to-boot sources  This has to keep a catchy intro and APA phraseology ill tie grading rubric to ensue. unconditionally no plagiarism and achievement cited fascinate. rubric : 1. Introduction: Grabber / Subject /Message (15 marks): 2. Structural Statement and Supporting Points (10 marks): 3. Quality of Verbal Communication (20 marks): 4. Effectiveness of Non-Verbal Communication (20 marks): 5. Gift Aids (10 marks):