Individual: Mobile Ordering Requirements

Your Fickle Ordering Project team assigned you to transcribe the Fickle Ordering Project POS Requirements Document. Include the forthcoming elements in your documentation: Identification of the nucleus components of the HB Company's popular POS plan and the affixed hardware, software, and networking elements the attention of fickle ordering would require Description of the postulates and notification that passes through and is enthralled by the popular POS and affixed notification and postulates the new fickle ordering regularity would provide Description of the new types of familiarity the HB Company achieve be talented to procure through the attention of fickle ordering Identification of the concerns concerning postulates and network services that could upshot from adding fickle ordering and virtual solutions Present your requirements in one of the forthcoming ways: A 1- to 2-page Microsoft® Word narrative A 1- to 2-page Microsoft® Word chart or table A Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet formatted for printing Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.