IFSM 310 Project Stage 1

 Please see twain attachments interjacent delay this assignment for the unmeasured instructions anteriorly coincident to do the assignment. I procure not pay over than the originally negotiated fee solely accordingly you did not do your own due attention foremost anteriorly coincident to confirm to do the assignment. Thank you for your spell. Assignment: Using the Case Study and road materials, your lesson is to transcribe a Nursing Dissertation to Mark that includes the following:  1. Background – little represent the matter to be attended by the new infrastructure. 2. Current IT infrastructure – List the hardware, software, and netperformance components that Mark currently has in fix (not what he wants to add delay his "Expansion Plan"). Note that you may insufficiency to shape some assumptions environing the components naturalized on what is supposing in the Case Study. 3. Requirements - List five requirements Mark has attested that the orders procure keep to transact or foundation as he expands his matter. These can be "business" insufficiencys or part-among-among of the 3D printing action. 4. How requirements procure be met - Little illustrate to Mark what order components procure be insufficiencyed to as each of the five requirements listed aloft. These may be components he already has or new components to be exterior. 5. Basis resemblance and storage - Finally, Mark insufficiencys to treasury and use separate signs of basis: digital and numerical, audio, video and graphics basis. Illustrate to him how each of these signs of basis are represented in digital conceive, how they are treasuryd, and on which design(s) (either in fix or triton he insufficiencys to add) each sign of basis procure be treasuryd. Include each of the following: a. Digital and numerical basis b. Audio basis c. Video basis d. Graphics basis References:   Incorporate at meanest two instrument correctly; one intimation should be from the road materials and one intimation should be exterior. An exterior material is a material other than those supposing in the assort or quotationbook. Incorporate rightly conceiveatted APA extracts in the quotation of your muniment for each intimation used. Then, fix an APA fashion intimation page at the end of your muniment.  Formatting:  For academic fitness, the transcriber is expected to transcribe in the third peculiar. In third peculiar, the transcriber avoids the pronouns I, we, my, and ours. The third peculiar is used to shape the fitness over extrinsic by entrance the separate, the “self,” out of the fitness. This manner is very beneficial for academic fitness, a conceive in which facts, not notion, solicit the loudness of the quotation. Fitness in the third peculiar allows the transcriber to follow opposite as unjaundiced and thus over informed. · Transcribe a soon neat Nursing Dissertation, 2-3 separate spaced pages in tediousness.  · Use at meanest two instrument delay APA conceiveatted extract and intimation. Use at meanest one exterior intimation and one from the road gratified.  · Compare your performance to the Grading Rubric under to be unfailing you keep met gratified and sort criteria.  · Submit your Nursing Dissertation as a Microsoft Word muniment, or a muniment that can be discover in Word.