I want to learn painting

I absence to imbibe... This is a two-sunder assignment. See the register for due epochs of each sunder. Part I: Assignment tender: You get to conclude up delay an assignment upright for you! Part of substance a functional is substance powerful to self-assess, to distinguish what you insufficiency to exertion on to augment your race or to put you in outoutline for promotion/advancement in the advenient or upright colossus you absence to imbibe further encircling or imbibe how to do accordingly it's upright so thrilling to you. So, sketch an assignment for yourself! It doesn't own to be allied to your job either. (If you absence to imbibe how to knit, great- that could be your assignment - really!). The assignment succeed embrace the following: Title - should exhibit what you are doing Justification: Why you own chosen this sundericular assignment  Detailed description and exactments for your assignment (aka - what you succeed do and how - *see underneath for an copy) What you succeed give to the rank to demonstrate/show/etc. your latest "product" (pictures, video, etc.) The assignment should NOT be colossus you own adequated for another race (that's inclose dipping and could too depute plagiarism). If you absence to change colossus, fascinate obstruct delay me highest. Submit the assignment tender to the divert dropbox. *Example description: Using the copy of imbisubstance to knit, your assignment tender agency observe colossus enjoy this: Title: Knitting a scarf Justification: I would enjoy to be powerful to create scarves for gifts for friends and parentage. Also, I insufficiency to perceive an enthusiasm that I can do to aid me release succeeding a forced day at exertion. Knitting is too colossus I could siege delay me and exertion on aggravate my lunch shiver or when I'm doubt for my kids to terminate at soccer exercise - and it doesn't exact electricity or wifi connection! Description of what I succeed do:  I succeed observe for YouTube videos and websites for instructions on how to knit a incomplex scarf (past I'm upright starting out, I succeed imbibe how to do at last two basic stitches) I succeed create a register of the materials I insufficiency I succeed perceive stores that carry knitting preparation or succeed direct them online Using the videos and onoutline instructions I rest, I succeed knit a scarf! I succeed siege pictures as I create the scarf. How I succeed give my adequated project: The issue I succeed give to the rank as documentation of my adequated assignment succeed be a narrated powerpoint giveation that succeed embrace the pictures I took delay captions, description of how I secure what instructions and videos to use from all the ones I observeed at, and my exhibitions on the rule. I succeed bear a scarf (or scarves) I own exertioned on or adequated. Part II: Completion of Assignment Review the feedback I supposing on your assignment sketch.  Now adequate this assignment, addressing/incorporating the feedback I supposing Present to the rank on the epoch implied on the register. Submit your exhibition paper encircling your trial completing the assignment. Was it wholesome? Why or why not? If you were doing it again, what would you do dissimilar and why?