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Foundations online Midterm Exam 2019 Please defense 5 of the 6 forthcoming scrutinys after a while one chapter for each scrutiny. As per your syllabus, fascinate effect knowing your defense: • is obsequious and complete • appropriately assignences apt Nursing Dissertation, readings, and feed discussions • is well-written Please assign to the affixed knowledge touching APA format on the road bastion that was posted towards the start of the road. Thank you! 1. Trace the roots of the disconnection of the wellness perspective in the narrative of the counseling callings.  In your defense, elucidate how and why the developmental perspective has shifted to the wellness perspective. 2. Why is the service of the ACA in 1993 a momentous milestone it the disconnection of the counseling calling? 3. Why is a non-hierarchical collaborative conformity betwixt counselor and client a accurate part of a wellness copy? 4. Distinguish betwixt refinement as dissonance versus refinement as ideology. 5. What are your thoughts encircling the conformity betwixt slightness and arranged creed?  In defenseing this scrutiny, be conspicuous encircling how you are defining slightness. 6. In the romance encircling B. T. Miller by J. Mooallem, how would you elucidate the hale and mighty connections that seemed to describe Miller's conformitys after a while others from the perspective of Buddhist psychology.