I need help with written case Analysis 1

I scarcity aid delay my Written Event Analysis 1 (WCA1)  For this module, you are required to full a Written Event Analysis of closely 200 control. Please unravel Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues, Event 5, p. 168. Realize the well-conducted upshot(s) and the parties confused, and argue their interests; examine the event in conditions of finding niggardly basis in the variation of interests you realize. . . .  . PLEASE, I scarcity this to be former, NO plagiarism  ....Here's the event adown . . .  Case #5.  A number of groups bear urged restrictions on cadet fruit. For copy, they judge that no one lower age 16 should be premitted to fruit in the manufacturing, mining, agricultural, and rendering industries; that hours of fruit should be poor in all jobs for fruiters lower the age of 18; and that no one lower 21 should be recognized to bear any contiguity delay pesticides. Examine the well-conducted considerations synchronous this scheme... . also Evaluate well-conducted upshots posed by: cultural variation in events and realize niggardly basis & by: wilful ardent in events and realize niggardly basis.