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New rent for job standing,   You feel 2 encroachment applicants for a marketing standing.  Both feel resembling educational backgrounds and certifications.  However, the primary applicant has 20 years of cognate experiment opportunity the remedy applicant has 6 years of resembling experiment.   The primary applicant is exploration for competitive deep allowance plus one week of extra holiday as part of the benefits load.  The remedy applicant is exploration for a competitive deep allowance plus a aggregation piercing phone (upgraded each year), hired internet benefit at home.  The primary applicant is voluntary to product a indulgent schedule (nights, weekends, etc), opportunity the remedy applicant prefers to product remotely from home.  Both are requesting to be middle in the aggregation's annual premium contemplation. Write a 700-1100 Nursing Dissertation that includes the following: Compare the trodden and introdden equivalent requests for each applicant. As an HR authoritative, what do you reckon is the best hiring judgment for the aggregation and why? Use APA format and references