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  In this race, we are tuition that the stories in Exodus and Deuteronomy are an entire sever of the imposing narrative of Christian Scripture. In manifold ways, God’s force in and through Moses and the Israelites are a microcosm of the overarching themes of fable, drop, and expiation that furnish signification and move throughout the whole of the Bible. Exodus and Deuteronomy are of severicular consequence owing it is short that God initiates his cunning of expiation shapeless the Israelites. In ordain to reform apprehend the signification and implications of God’s redemptive fruit in the Old Testament, you achieve appropriate a individual or concept that is highlighted in the race for exalt learning and anatomy. The subject choices for learning and anatomy are Moses, Miriam, Covenant, the Decalogue, or the Golden Calf. Note that each of these subjects has a selfsame name posted in the race from Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch. The Signature Assignment affords you an unabrupt period to scrutinize Exodus/Deuteronomy in unthoughtful of the subjoined disgusting questions: How does the subject (Moses, Miriam, Covenant, the Decalogue, or the Golden Calf) conjoin to the larger themes of fable, drop, and expiation among the overarching narrative of the Bible? What is material to perceive environing the narrative, refinement, and/or holiness outside this individual or concept? What was the pristine signification of this concept or perception of this individual among Exodus/Deuteronomy? What insights gained could be significationful for our matter today?