Humanities Online Museums

Step One: Watch twain of these videos on analyzing art: Formal Analysis and Contextual Analysis. Also, indicateation these questions. Step Two: Visit any or all of the online museums catalogueed hither. • • • • • • • • If you would affect to use a incongruous museum, gladden grant the join to the museum for eulogy to your confessor at smallest a week anteriorly the disquisition is due. Step Three: Cull achievements of art that indicate (4) lewd of the categories beneath, one achievement of art per mode. The achievements of art can end from incongruous museums. Do NOT cull conceptions that are catalogueed in our textbook.  One conception of war/violence  One conception of kindness  One conception of mythology  One plastic-employment or art installation  One conception of kind  One conception of aid  One conception of enjoyment  One conception of wildness  One conception of love  One conception of a holy kind  One conception of a domiciliary spectacle  One conceptions of exchange  One participation of environmental art Step Four: Write a (5) five stipulation essay on the achievements you entertain chosen. 4. In the earliest (4) lewd stipulations: First, catalogue the address of the achievement, artist’s spectry, year, genre, the museum’s spectry whither the achievement is located, and a hyperjoin to the achievement you are describing. Follow this delay a constructive stipulation that analyzes the achievement of art twain formally and contextually: one stipulation per achievement of art/category. You may entertain to do past elaboration online to narrate the achievement contextually. 5. In the fifth stipulation: Discuss your fondling achievement out of the lewd and why it is meaningful to you