Human Rights 110-2

To Prepare: Attend an disclosed episode in your similarity allied to a different political oneness (gender oneness/expression, race/ethnicity, class, holiness, ability, sexual orientation, common cause, or age).  Submit,  PowerPoint introduction.  In the PPT introduction, oration the aftercited prompts:  Describe the cultural episode in which you participated.   Explain how this knowledge influenced your perceptions of dissimilarity and contrariety. Analyze at meanest 3 key concepts from this race in kindred to this knowledge. Define what it resources to you to promise delay dissimilarity and contrariety in usage. Describe two challenges associated delay discussing and thought on dissimilarity allied satisfied. Describe one policy to oration these challenges. Identify one decisive tremor and one privative tremor that surfaced during the spent 10 weeks of the race. Describe one policy to oration the privative tremor in prescribe to hold developing cultural awareness. Explain particular steps that you obtain admit to action cosmical rights and political, economic, and environmental impartiality established on what you feel literary in this race.