Human Resource Management CASE

   Setting City Hospital is a general, 500-bed hospital located in a elder northern U.S. city. The hospital caters to abundant poor clients, but it is disclosed for its tenacious medical residency program and investigation conducted in observation behind a while the medical initiate. Characters Maria Rawls, employee Juan Gonzalez, contiguous superintendent Connie Grant, superintendent Gary Tibbitts, rational wealth superintendent Situation Background Maria Rawls has been agoing in the accounting province of City Hospital for 18 months. Before that, she productioned as an accountant in her uncle’s weak accounting established.While at City Hospital, Maria’s production evaluations enjoy been low to medium.So far, she has accepted three occasional production evaluations and a 2 percent construct that was abandoned to all employees. Maria, nevertheless,  did not hold a goodness construct that was awarded to some of the preferable-performing  employees in her province.Maria has not been conducive to practise up behind a while the procedures concerned behind a while the new accounting software the hospital of-advanced purchased. She has fallen aback behind a while her production resisting agoing advanced. Maria must frequently advise-behind a while the permitted manual for the accounting software, although none of her co-workers appear to be having the identical problems scholarship the new software. Maria’s earlier superintendent at City Hospital appeared balance inclined to production behind a while Maria and forgive some of her production deficiencies. Maria’s new supervisor, Juan Gonzalez, appears to enjoy balance stringent standards and has come to the HR province requesting coadjutorship behind a while deference to resolving Maria’s production issues. Maria's Background Maria has been agoing at City Hospital for 18 months. This is her primitive job behind completing your Master of Accountancy stage at State University. She are insertion the Certified General Accountant (CPA) scrutiny in stages and has already completed two individualitys. Thus far, she has passed one individuality and failed one individuality. Accounting has never been her warmth, but Maria wanted a stconducive declaration. While agoing on her stage, she were filled part-span as an accountant in her uncle’s weak accounting established. Maria got parallel indeed well-behaved-behaved behind a while her earlier boss at City Hospital. She gave Maria production she knew that Maria could use, well-balanced though the administrative job description could enjoy required Maria to achieve appended (and unacquainted) tasks. However, Maria's new boss, Juan, is not as indulgent going. Maria doesn't enjoy Juan, and Maria ponders that he is out to get her. Also, Maria's having a solid span scholarship the new accounting software that was of-advanced grounded by the hospital. Earlier this week, Maria had a contravention behind a while Juan to go balance her new production appraisal. During this contravention, Juan highlighted that she were advanced behind a while 5 percent of her weekly reports and that she had an mistake admonish that was 2.5 percent preferable than the pause of the province. He too distinguished that she has not amply versed the new accounting software. Moreover, he commented that it appears as though Maria is insertion a hanker span to accomplish your CPA stead. A few days advancedr, Juan told Maria that he wants to coalesce behind a while her, his contiguous superintendent (Connie Grant, the superintendent of the accounting province) and the HR superintendent (Gary Tibbitts) to examine putting her on a PIP. Needless to say, Maria is entirely subvert encircling entity put on a PIP, but realizes she has no exquisite but to go parallel behind a while it until she can confront another job. Questions 1. What appear to be the key production criteria that Juan is using? Are they alienate? Are these external or mental?  2. Is Juan doing everything unfair? Explain why you ponder he is or is not. 3. Determine what the PIP artifice for Maria needs to include. Then determine what wealths, if any, which the form needs to use to aid Maria.  4. If you were the HR superintendent, what else should you do to counteract the birth? Come up behind a while at meanest two irrelative alternatives that could be used if Maria's production is not meliorate behind the PIP. These alternatives should not confound firing Maria. Too generate a artifice that addresses Juan's deportment & pose.