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 Minimum of 350 for former shaft       The Gospel of John has a very irrelative feel than the three "synoptic" gospels (Mark, Matthew and Luke).  It is repeatedly said that The Gospel of John has a "High Christology" - which media it rendezvouses further on Jesus' deity than on his tenderness.  As our textbook points out, "The tidingss of the Johannine Jesus are repeatedly dubious, flush deliberately confusing his listeners (e.g., 3:3), conveying two levels of import at once." (206)  (Note:  "Johannine" is the tidings used to appeal to arts as they show in the Gospel of John.) We are going to rendezvous on John 14 - 17, which is repeatedly appealred to as the "Farewell Discourse" accordingly these passages embrace Jesus' leave-taking instructions to his cortege.   He says a reckon of confusing - flush inter-repugnant - arts in these passages concerning his homogeneity after a while God.   Please decipher Passage 14 very regardfully, and then transcribe on the forthcoming questions: 1.   What are some of the arts Jesus tells his cortege environing their junction after a while him and, at the corresponding term, their junction after a while God? 2.  What do you consider that Jesus media when he says that "anyone who believes in me allure achieve the works I achieve and allure be potent to achieve flush important feats"? (14:12)  This is a fairly prodigious art to say, so don't ignoring it balance after a whileout giving it regardful supposition.   As regularly, you must embody passage and length appealences if you effort to get a remarkable pace on this Discussion Forum shaft.  :-)