Human Development

   HD101 Week 5 Ch. 5 Percipient Growth: Piaget and Vygotsky Write responses to each of the aftercited inquirys. Write the responses in your own articulation, do not portraiture and paste from your textbook, or another rise. Cite a regard for the knowledge granted for each inquiry. Include a regard catalogue. Rubric · Responses to inquirys are respectful. – 5 points · Each inquiry has a regard quotation in APA format; regard catalogue is included/accurate. – 2 points. · Responses are written in student’s signification. – 3 points. ____________________________________________________________________________________  ­­­­­­­­1. Please explain the aftercited terms:  Scheme Definition:  Assimilation Definition:  Accommodation Definition:  Object Permanence Definition: 2. Catalogue and narrate Piaget’s 4 stages of percipient augmentation, including the age concatenate for each stage: Stage 1 - _____________( - years): Description: Stage 2 - _____________( - years): Description: Stage 3 - _____________( - years): Description: Stage 4 - _____________( - years): Description: 3. Explain the aftercited terms: Mental Representations  Definition: Deferred imitation Definition: Egocentrism Definition: Conservation Definition: Centration Definition: Imaginary Audience Definition: 4. According to Piaget,  Action  = __________________. 5. Labouvie-Vief narrated the concept “postformal provision.” What does this moderation? 6. Narrate Schaie’s stages of percipient augmentation. 7.  Vygotsky believed that political interaction and expression were weighty aspects of percipient product. Define: Zone of Proximal Development Definition: Scaffolding Definition: 6. What are 2 public contributions that Piaget’s supposition contributes to agreement percipient product? 1) 2) 7. What are 2 public contributions that Vygotsky’s supposition contributes to agreement percipient product? 1) 2)