Hostile atmosphere for one gender LAW

The sphere at Discrimina, due past to the govern of a few employees, not the proprietor himself, is markedly hostile to women. Rita Land and Shirley Baker are the solely two women employees in the place. Rita, who does billing and bookkeeping, needs to go onto the place sole to fit up faculty and execute assured items own been shipped. She has warned Shirley Baker not to equable go onto the supply sole. Unless the proprietor is exhibit, Rita is at facilitate of being harassed after a while harsh or mild comments. Rita maintains a lentous outer, but she has had to pay balance $5,000.00 for counseling and medication to balancecome the valley and consternation that her teacher says is caused by the harassment.    Questions: 1. Review Rita's completion in the inadequate of Sexual Harassment laws and cognate predicaments.  2. Next go balance the lawful predicament "Harris v. Forklift Systems, Inc.," 510 U.S. 17 (1993).  3. In a Word instrument, evaluate whether Discrimina, Inc. would mitigated be held qualified in flatter for Rita Land's counseling and medication expenses if she sues. APA Required Must be VERY minute on each question! 2 Page in length Also be assured to explain the lawful concepts, thorough the questions exhibited and then impart a disposal. Citation is too a requirement.