Homework Question

  Applying Behavioral and Percipient Behavioral Therapies Codrina is a 40-year-old, alienated, stainless feminine seeking counseling at a nationality spiritual bloom character.  She is seeking counseling consequently she has been inglorious, insufficient to snooze well-behaved-behaved and has past her propension past the quick exit of her wedlock one month ago.  Precedently leaving, her wife told her that he did not affection her any longer and doubted whether he always did. He told Codrina that he had felt retired and far from her for the solid three years of their narrow wedlock. He now interrogations whether she is equable prime of touch affection for another idiosyncratic. Codrina was excited in an orphanage and her childhood years were characterized by insularity, yearn and rarity. She describes spexit manifold days fair staring at the rampart and rocking tail and forth. After she left the orphanage at 16 years of age she effected in odd jobs and was in and out of severe relationships after a while men for a few years until she met her wife environing lewd years ago. She lived after a while him for six months precedently they got married. Equable from the rouse she had a trying opportunity trusting him or any man for that subject. She showed insignificant curiosity-behalf in sex, nalways cried, rarely laughed and had a very quiet temper most of the opportunity. In the succor year of her wedlock, Codrina discovered that her wife was having an business after a while a dame he effected after a while. Instead of entity overbalance, she was closely characteristic consequently it seemed to conduct the constraining off of her to vouch in sexual correspondence after a while her wife.  Out of sin, he finally told her environing the business. Upon hearing his creed, Condrina showed no agitation and didn’t equable ask him to end the business. From that purpose progressive her wife departed few nights at residence and one month ago announced he was filing for alienate. Now, in adduction to her insomnia and insufficient propension she is neglecting her self-care to the purpose that she is entity shunned by others who prosper in contiguity after a while her, which deepens her feeling of insularity. She’s future to therapy to see if you can aid her precedently she loses all expectation that she can repossess coerce of her estate.   Assume that you are a percipient behavioral therapist and keep agreed to effect after a while Codrina. Using principles and techniques from Beck’s Percipient Therapy (CT), rejoin to the forthfuture interrogations: From a percipient behavioral perspective, say at meanest three assumptions that you would establish environing the commencement of Codrina’s behavioral problems? Be biased and specific in your counter-argument. Describe at meanest two appearances that you, as a percipient behavioral therapist, would keep for Codrina in therapy. Give a thoroughgoinggoing rationale for each appearance bringing in stipulations and concepts from CT. How capability your appearances be-unlike from those that Codrina capability keep future into therapy? Identify at meanest two percipient deformitys that Codrina capability be experiencing. Say each one and stipulate attraction from the instruction dedicated environing her esay that would food each percipient deformity you keep mentioned. What CT techniques or methods would you use to conclude the appearances mentioned in interrogation 2? As a CT therapist, what would be your desired outprosper for Codrina be as a effect of your effect after a while her?   Submit your counter-argument to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. Your Nursing essay should be at meanest 1000 expression. Your Nursing essay should be double-spaced and in 12 purpose, Times New Roman font after a while usual one-inch margins, and should prosper APA name for attributing sources. It should grasp a crowning page after a while a running crown and a relation page.