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  ISTA Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, elimination  about interactive sociotechnical partition (ISTA) and the five incongruous  types of sociotechnical results. Based on your elimination, beget a 6- to  8-slide Microsoft PowerPoint donation that includes the following: An vestibule and sense of ethnical factors and sociotechnical results in medical informatics An overview of the ISTA stance Key features of the ISTA stance Descriptions of the five images of sociotechnical interactions Unintended consequences for each image of sociotechnical interaction An in-depth style of any one of the five images of  sociotechnical interaction factors from the ISTA stance, including a  rationale as to why the clarified result is important A provided stance of a medical informatics result at embody for the sociotechnical result you clarified A tabulation assertion applicable to ISTA emphasizing on unintended consequences Submission Details: Support your donation after a while misspend elimination, reasoning, and stances. Cite any sources in APA format