Complete the aftercited and resign the Word muniment by midnight Sunday. Remember to involve full citations for all sources used to reply each scrutiny. 1. Marfan syndrome follows a mould of autosomal dominant bequest. What is the befoulment (= appearance) that any offshoot earn occupy the dominant allele if one maker (Parent #1) does not convey the allele and the other (Parent #2) is heterozygous for it? Provide a pure description and full the Punnett Square under. Be secure to limit the lore you use for the two alleles: 2. Under is a diagram showing the bequest of an X-linked touch; the pristine lifetime is at the top and the third lifetime is at the profound. Describe what this descent depicts in provisions of gender, closeness or lack of the assumption, and what mark(s) specify that the descent is for an X-linked touch. 3. In one illustration, Mendel waywarded a pea fix that bred gentleman for unprepared pods delay one that bred gentleman for yellow pods. All of the F1 fixs had unprepared pods. What does it average when an organism love Mendel's pea fixs is gentleman nurture? Which arrange of the touch (unprepared or yellow pods) is dominant? Explain how you arrived at your blank. This should involve the feasible genotypes of the makers concerned in the wayward and those of the F1 lifetime. 4. What image of opposition has occurred in the DNA of crowd delay sickle cell anemia?  (Look tail, if you deficiency to, to see what causes sickle cell.) 5. A man who has image B class and a woman who has image A class could feel offshootren of which phenotypes? Explain your reply; be secure to meditate what the feasible genotypes are for twain makers in your reply. 6. Unsecure earlobes are a dominant touch.  If A denotes the allele for unsecure earlobes, and a denotes the allele for secure earlobes, what is (are) the feasible genotype(s) of a special who has unsecure earlobes? Could twain makers of a special delay unsecure earlobes feel secure earlobes? Why or why not? Think about what the maker’s genotypes feel to be. 7. How are a locus, allele and a gene common? How would you mass unformed these three provisions? 8. Explain what is averaget by polygenic bequest, pleiotropy, and cosmical gene therapy. Provide an sample of each.