Assignment Description You exertion for a insignificant society hospital that has of-late updated its vigor archives plan to a new electronic vigor archives (EHR) plan. As a vigor anxiety director, you keep been asked to unite delay the vigor advice director (HIM) and irritate the willingness, safeguard, and seclusion of your present vigor archivess plan. Your form has very excellent standards and a cultivation of guardianship up delay present trends. After your separation, you keep been asked to arrange a specific declaration to the hospital's pre-eminent unreserved manager (COO) detailing the following: Examine the emergence of technology and electronic vigor plans in vigor anxiety since the road of the Vigor Protection Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Provide an separation of the present trends in vigor anxiety archives guardianship and charting as they report to advancements in technology. Assess ways in which contemporary resigned archivess plans can prop vigor anxiety operations including seclusion, sort resigned anxiety donation, protection and require government, and archivess approximation and retention  5