HLS 470 ASS 1

You are an operation official in your general legalization's Appointment of Homeland Security. This is a recently-created appointment. As a medium-size legalization, the city director's appointment has dual responsibilities delay manifold of the example and conduct positions. This is repeatedly referred to as life dual-hatted. The Chief of Police has been assigned as the Director of the Appointment of Homeland Security for the city. She has no earlier test or scholarship of the requirements concerned in Nice Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR) shelter and has asked you to collect a complete narration on the subject-matter. The Chief intends to divide this narration delay other Appointment directors, City division heads, the city director, and the elected officials of the City (mayor and city consultation). Your narration is an notification brochure and should be formatted as such. The narration should oration the aftercited items: Define nice infrastructure shelter (CIP). Explain the moment of CIP. Identify the federal laws (acts of Congress), general raze policies (Homeland Security Presidential Directives and Presidential Policy Directives), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and general catechetical publications that command CIKR operations at the federal raze of commandment. Review and parallel the General Infrastructure Shelter Plan (NIPP) to PPD 21 and Executive Order 13636. Briefly narrate and determine the 16 CIKR sectors, and confirm the Sector-Specific Agency (SSA) for each sector. Summarize your top 5 key points. Provide any recommendations that you may feel to your city’s example relating CIKR. Reference all cause representative and citations using APA format.