Choose three (3) wars in which the United States participated during the era seasoned by this plan (the Cold War may be one of your choices). Why did the U.S. penetrate each war (for what purposes)? Was there any obstacle to penetrateing these wars? Compare the lasting of the U.S. in the cosmos-people antecedently or behind each war. (MINIMUM 350 WORDS, MLA FORMAT) Identify three presidents gone 1877 and how they exhibited able leadership in a unamenable office.(MINIMUM 350 WORDS, MLA FORMAT) Identify at lowest three (3) expressive collective, cultural, or collective moves gone 1877 and ponder upon how each move impacted the kingdom.(MINIMUM 350 WORDS, MLA FORMAT) Identify at lowest three (3) ways that the United States modifiable gone 1877. This veer could be a substitute from one collective party/ideology to another, or it could be an economic, collective, or cultural veer. Ponder upon each veer to parade how the kingdom is now unanalogous than it was in 1877.(MINIMUM 350 WORDS, MLA FORMAT) You should supervene the discourse forum format : QUESTION FACTS/ANALYSIS REFLECTION   You must comprise the superveneing: One passage from your textbook after a while page collection in parenthesis to living your ideas.   THE QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED ALREADY VIA THE ATTACHED FILE 'SAMPLE.DOCX' BUT YOU ARE TO REWRITE THE ANSWERS IN YOUR OWN WORDS, FOLLOWING THE EXACT FORMAT, THE ONLY THING THAT NEEDS TO BE THE SAME IS THE QUOTATION. AVOID PLAGIARISM. A minimum of 350 WORDS PER QUESTION.  No without sources may be used. NO PLAGIARISM, NO JARGON.