History Essay

7B Final Essay Questions for Spring 2018     Essay Questions:  Write an essay of five to seven paragraphs environing one of the aftercited topics. Incorporate representative from twain collocate texts, and from the lectures.  Include six citations from the Divine textbook. The treatment of this cupel is the twentieth epoch, starting delay the World War I and result delay the bestow.   . 1. Compare and contrariety the experiences of two or past groups during our age: women, African-Americans, drudge, the soldierlike, Asians, and Mexican-Americans. 2. What were the most considerable events of World  War I and or World War II? 3. Transcribe environing the Vietnam War. 4. Describe the most considerable developments in American outlandish management during the twentieth epoch. 5. Describe the government of Franklin Roosevelt. 6. Select five presidents and transcribe environing their governments. 7. Transcribe environing the technological changes that unsupposable Americans during the twentieth epoch. 8. Discuss the truth of bulk instrument in during our age.