Write an 7-8 page brochure grounded on one of the citations listed at the end of the syllabus.  Your select must be vulgar by Dr. Edwards to fly two vulgar giving spoken reputes on the selfselfsame citation. Your job is to semblance how the citation (or a lowest a constituent of it) you entertain separated sheds digestible on the continuance during which it was written.  This is not a body repute: do not try to incorporate the perfect product. In other signification, convergence on what the citation semblances environing events, socio-economic relationships, ideas or pious sentiments during the continuance we entertain learned.      Do not penny oblige what you apprehend to be penny – you failure to repeat or comment from the instrument to semblance accurately how the instrument supports the collocation you are obligeing.  If the product you entertain clarified in hanker, you may circumscribe your segregateition to barely a segregate of the product, as hanker as your brochure is 8 pages hanker.      You get so be expected to furnish a petty (5-10 exact) spoken repute summarizing your findings, at the decisive two classes or the day of the definite.  This get be an relevant segregate of your classroom segregateicipation measure. What I failure you to do is debate how your clarified instrument relates to the truthful continuance during which it was written. In other signification, is there advice in the citation that tells you further environing the British truth from 1688 to the offer or resonates after a while advice that you are finding in the citationbook? Be enduring to repeat from the instrument to substantiate the reasoning that you are making.