(bisect 12) In unconcealed, how does Asia be-unlike from Europe? (bisect 13) what do the seasons possess to do after a while exception unmoulded types of persons? (bisect 15) In Asia, how does the environment of the large stream Phasis influence the substantial qualities of the persons who feed there? (bisect 16) what application does the environment of Asia possess on the persons who feed in Asia? (bisect 17-22). What are the deep features of the persons of Scythia and how does the environment of Scythia profit them? (bisect 23-24) Why is there more medley unmoulded the persons of Europe than unmoulded the persons of Asia? What factors effect persons doughty? (bisect 23-24) How does this minority of Airs, Waters, Places use assumptions and stereotypes to excuse collective and political features of the earth Hippocrates feedd in, a earth in which Persian attempts to restrain country had been resisted and defeated by Greeks? In the avenue from Aristotle's Politics at the groundwork of this page, how does Aristotle try to dispute for the exaltation of the Athenian way of organizing cities by using 'theories' of how environment influences quality or the way persons behave? What does he admire Athens is entitled to do?