Hi, I need a paper written on Water Pollution campaign. please see below for instructions and I have attached my previous papers on the subject to help answer the questions

Design your own environmental antagonism to lift awareness of environmental problems, environmental racism, and/or environmental desert issues and to acquiesce transmute kindred to these issues.  ASSIGNMENT DIRECTIONS This week, you are required to originate a new environmental antagonism. In enjoin to lay for this assignment, reconsideration the forthcoming questions. Remember This Is your environmental antagonism on the corresponding subject-matter you entertain been researching?  What is an environmental antagonism (this can be info from weeks 1 and 3) you entertain been swingd by and why? Include some axioms points that you entertain researched or knowing in the original few weeks? What would be the scope of your antagonism? What are the potential names you potentiality use for your antagonism? List indecent to five possibilities, and aver your minion. Who would be your calculated parley and why? What would you prospect to consummate delay your antagonism? How potentiality this antagonism swing opinion or renewal in existent vitality? Describe at lowest two goals. What is the definite name of your antagonism? How would you get out your missive? Social resources? News resources? TV? Streaming use? RUBRIC SOCS325 Week 5 Rubric SOCS325 Week 5 Rubric Criteria Ratings Pts This proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent Student addresses questions posed in unhesitating. 70.0 pts Full Marks 0.0 pts No Marks 70.0 pts This proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeResearch Paper includes some axioms points to reoverspread arguments. 20.0 pts Full Marks 0.0 pts No Marks 20.0 pts This proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPA Wherever appropriate, sources are cited and intervening underneathneath relations (a different refine can be intervening for relations, depending on the format used) Essays and PowerPoint refines entertain overspread page (slide), citations, and relation page (slide) 20.0 pts Full Marks 0.0 pts No Marks 20.0 pts This proof is linked to a Learning OutcomeSpelling, Grammar, and Punctuation Free of spelling, real, and punctuation errors 10.0 pts Full Marks 0.0 pts No Marks 10.0 pts Total Points: 120.0