Help with powerpoint

Assignment 3: Presentation: "Biggest Challenges Oppositeness Organizations in the Present 20 Years" In this assignment, you succeed fashion a PowerPoint gift that outlines what you estimate succeed be the biggest investigates oppositeness organizations in the present 20 years. Write an eight (8) slide gift in which you: 1. Provide a call slide (as implied in the format requirements underneath) followed by a slide after a while an gift to your gift. 2. Presentation should conceive your dainty of the five (5) investigates you estimate organizations succeed aspect in the present 20 years. Only conceive one (1) investigate and your description for choosing that investigate per slide for a entirety of five (5) slides. 3. Provide one (1) abridgment slide which addresses key points of your disquisition. 4. Provide notes on each slide, indicating what you would say if you were in-effect presenting in front of an hearers. 5. Format the PowerPoint gift after a while headings on each slide and three to impure (3-4) pertinent graphics (photographs, graphs, prune art, etc.), ensuring that the gift is visually appealing and readable from 18 feet separate. Check after a while your confessor for any affixed instructions. 6. Include a call slide containing the call of the assignment, the student's call, the confessor's call, the race call, and the date. The unfair race knowledge consequence associated after a while this assignment are: 7. Analyze organizational demeanor investigates aspectd by skill professionals.