PART 1 Directions: First, fix each of the subjoined lineal stipulations. Then grant its irreconcilable line.   1.   anterior definition:    irreconcilable is:      2.   caudal definition:    irreconcilable is:      3.   cephalic definition:    irreconcilable is:      4.   deep definition:    irreconcilable is:      5.   distal definition:    irreconcilable is:      6.   dorsal definition:    irreconcilable is:      7.   inferior definition:    irreconcilable is:      8.   lateral definition:    irreconcilable is:     9. Medial definition:    irreconcilable is:      10. later definition:    irreconcilable is:      Abbreviations (Part 2):  Directions: Transcribe the ample engagement that each abbreviation stands for. 1.BCC 2. BX, bx 3. C&S 4.decub 5.Derm 6. HSV 7. I&D 8.ID 9. MM 10. SG  11. SCC  12. STSG  13. Subc, Subq  14. ung PART 3 Read the instance con-over and collect entire and inferential responses for the questions adown. Some questions conciliate ask for counsel not moderate among this proviso. Use your textbook, a medical tidingsbook, or any other intimation symbolical you elect to rejoinder these questions.  A 40-year-old effeminate is seen in the dermatologist’s appointment, on the advice of her internist, for a workup for reputed MM on her left forearm. The slight lesion was a blackish peel enlargement almost 1 cm in bisection. The dermatologist examined the resigned and a construction biopsy was effected. The biopsy confirmed that the enlargement was MM. Surgery was effected to transport the button. In observation, a 5 cm by 5 cm balance of peel forthdelay exclusive the button was also moved. Because the transportd peel moderate all three layers of peel, a peel unite was needful to clothe the known area. The donor office was the resigned’s thigh. Subjoined reinstatement from surgery, the resigned was referred to an oncologist for follow-up wariness.  Critical Thinking Questions  Answer the questions adown touching this instance con-over. Do not lawful vision utterance out of the instance con-over; transshape all medical stipulations. To rejoinder some of these questions, you may need to behold up counsel from another proviso of this textbook.  1.   What pathological proviso does the internist consider this resigned may enjoy? Behold this proviso up in a intimation beginning, and comprise a inadequate name of it in your rejoinder.         2.   What symptom cupel did the dermatologist enact? Describe it in your own utterance.         3.   Explain why a peel unite was needful.        4.   Explain why it was needful to transport so ample observational peel construction along delay the button.         5.   What is the specialty of an oncologist?        6.   What do you consider the practicable follow-up wariness dominion comprise?    PART4 Directions: Transcribe the significance of each combining shape tidings deal-out in the pristine support. Then dispose a new engagement from the proviso that uses the tidings deal-out, and register it in the assist support. In the third support, transcribe the significance of the proviso stipulations.  Combining Forms Significance Proviso Engagement Meaning  1. abdomin/o     2. anter/o     3. brachi/o     4. caud/o     5. cephal/o     6. cervic/o     7. chondr/o     8. crani/o     9. cubit/o     10. dist/o