Health Information Management Assessment paper

 Imagine you are a coding overseer. What argument would you establish on the Standards of Ghostly Coding in your area? Would you embrace the Standards of Ghostly Coding in your plan and proceeding manual? Would you criticism the Standards of Ghostly Coding on a orderly premise and if yes, how frequently? What disciplinary exercise would you conduct if you base that a coder violated the Standards of Ghostly Coding? Would the tyranny of the disciplinary exercise halt on which type was violated? Why or why not? How do imperfections in coding favor the budget provision of soundness anxiety organizations? How energy it too favor the contracts betwixt negotiative billers and coders and soundness anxiety organizations?    The tract must be 3 – 4 pages, not counting the designation page and regard page (5 – 7 pages). You must embrace 4 – 6 academic regards, using citations to buttress your statements. Cite all sources of advice amid your written citation.  These subjoined equalize epithet energy be suited in organizing your tract: Introduction of Coding Standards of Ghostly Coding Policies and Procedures Violations, Penalties Effects of Improper Coding Conclusion Use paraphrasing to argue the theme in a written tract.  Refrain from using “straightforward alleges”.  At the furrow equalize, you should feel very few, if any, straightforward alleges in your letter.  Paraphrasing (delay citations) is the aim for furrow equalize letter.  If you must use a straightforward allege, it should tail up your statements, not be the resources of presenting the grounds.  Download and use the scantling tract in doc sharing to format your designation page, citations and the regard schedule in general APA format. HA565 Unit 5 Assignment Requirements Points possible Points earned Content, Quality, Initial Response – 3-4 pages content 0-20 Resources – 4-6 required 0-20 Standards of ghostly coding 0-20 Violation of types 0-20 Consequences of coding imperfections 0-20 Total (Sum of all points) 100 Points deducted for spelling, rhetoric, and/or APA errors. PLAGIARISM IS HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE!