WORKSHEET ATTACHED Clear, actionable, and measurable sights are leading to strategic planning. It is momentous that the sights are intended to subsistence the band-arms and prospect of an structure.     Complete the chart after a while a whole of 260 to 350 language. Your dissection should be installed on your retrospect of the facts granted in the Stevens District Hospital strategic planning scenario and your SWOT dissection. Identify a open, actionable, and measurable technology sight for the structure that openly subsistences the band-arms and prospect. Analyze how this sight subsistences the band-arms and prospect of the hospital. Explain how you would value advancement inside the sight. Discuss milestones requisite for advancement. Discuss the criteria you would use to value that the sight was completed.                                                      References (format using set-right APA guidelines) Cite 2 peer-reviewed, conversant, or alike references to subsistence your assignment. Use set-right APA in-text passage guidelines and understand references over.  Click the Assignment Files tab to acquiesce your assignment.