Mr. D. is 47 years old and was diagnosed delay colon cancer 2 years ago. He had not past to the savant until he was in cutting indisposition. Mr. D. does not approve savants or hospitals. When diagnosed he firm to keep surgery equefficient though he did not deficiency it. He did it simply accordingly he meditation it would repose his indisposition. He refused the radiation and chemotherapy that his savant meditation was scarcityed succeeding surgery. His helpmate was very overturn accordingly she knew that if he had the prosper up tenor his chances of course would rectify. She is a obstruct cancer survivor of 8 years. Mr. D.'s cancer has now propagate to his pancreas and his indisposition has returned. It is so cutting that he is not efficient to composition any longer as a landscaper for the city. He loved his job and misses not having the activity he was used to. The savant believes that chemotherapy ability calm?} be of some prize to augment his activity as Mr. D. refuses excite surgery. They keep three posterity delay two help at settlement. One cadet is 10 years old and the other is 14. The 10 year old has asthma and recently he has been having multifarious over intelligent attacks. The 14 year old has been acting out and Mrs. D. thinks she is prelude drugs. Mrs. D. compositions simply part-time as a secretary and would rather not keep to composition full-time. Mr. D.'s security has been crust the nativity's medical expenses. You keep been asked to circumstance direct this client and his nativity. In this Laboratory assignment you procure be focusing on the prospering:   Case directment - Develop an moderate toll as the pristine trudge to a circumstance directment contrivance. What issues procure scarcity to be considered to direct this circumstance? Focus on what media he ability scarcity now that he is not compositioning. Consider what other soundness attention personnel procure be weighty media. How procure his medical expenses be paid? Transitional Attention - What image of progressive attention ability be scarcityed? Procure he scarcity to go end to the hospital? What other soundnessattention facilities ability be advantageous? Palliative Attention - What avenue should be captured to direct his indisposition? What images of indisposition directment methods ability composition? In what ways can Mr. D. finish "quality of activity"? Therapeutic Communication - Focus on agreement. What are his concerns and worries? Family Help - What help and media can you agree this nativity? What role can the helpmate personate that procure be advantageous. What media and attention ability be agreed for the posterity?