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  Assignment One: Why not you?  Why not now?  For this device, you get hypothetically be popular for service.  Prefer whether you would affect to run for the Texas Seed of Representatives OR the Texas Propound Senate.   Preparing to run: SLO #1  Know your confine.  Go to:, and find the confine sum, and who represents you in the Texas seed or propound senate. Which collective policy is your propound seed/propound senate figurative affiliated after a while? (if you prefer to run as a Seed or Senate figurative, curb the confine that you shortness to run for.)   my address is "1294 unrecognized ridge apartments, Irving Texas 75038." and i would affect to run for senate. . This is the merge for the senate. Go to your popular figurative’s page, and face at the confine decomposition documents. What does your confine face affect (in conditions of population, age, information, holding, acceptance results)? What manifestations arise grounded on the confine’s demographics (this get aid you contemplate encircling your platform) Is your confine gerrymandered? Your Platform, and Policy Politics: (you bear to use twain surveys!) Know yourself.  Use these surveys to substantiate your collective leanings: (Political policy ridicule)  (Ideology ridicule) Submit screenshots of your results (twain surveys). Explain your results.  What do they say encircling you? Given your results, and your former confine decomposition scrutiny, what is your platform?  Prefer at meanest 3 manifestation stands to enunciate. Compare your manifestation stands after a while the administrative policy platforms of your policy: Texas Democratic Policy platform:  Texas Republican Policy platform: Where do your ideas align after a while the policy? Where do your ideas foul from the policy?