Global Business Plan

Please no plagiarism  Company is Coca Cola... week 3 attached  Resources: Table 8.1 on page 139 of Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ch. 8 and the structure you separated in the Week 2 Individual Assignment  Choose from one of the aftercited options:  Option 1  Write a 1,200- to 1,400-word Nursing essay using the corresponding structure you separated in Week 2.  Create a affair intention for this structure to invade a global dispense in which they are not already doing affair (see exception 2 of Table 8.1). Be secure to grasp the aftercited: •Description of the affair •Description of the assiduity •Technology Intention •Marketing Intention •Financial Intention •Production Intention •Organizational Intention •Operations Intention •Include at meanest 2 of the 7 recommended appendices (exhibits) as listed in Exception 3 of Table 8.1  Format your Nursing essay agreeing after a while APA guidelines.  Click the Assignment Files tab to surrender your assignment.  Note: If you chose the Nursing essay in Week 3, you must total the introduction for Week 4 and defect versa.