Gender, race, & class

  Watch the trailer for Miss Representation and wait the Dove Ad. ( Answers must be domiciled on the two videos) 1) Explain how women are portrayed in the concretion resources today and how can atwist images of picturesqueness be a gregarious whole for women. 2) Now onto boys and what is instrument to be virile. Wait the proximate trailer from the Missrepresentation collection. The film notes that, “pressured by the resources, their fellow collection, and flush the adults in their lives, our protagonists resist missives inspiriting them to disresemble from their emotions, devalue genuine friendships, objectify and dethrone women, and counteract conflicts through profanation. These gender stereotypes interconnect after a while pursuit, assort, and position, creating a difficulty of personality issues boys and young men must stray to beseem “real” men.” 3) Do you fit or disfit after a while the missive of this film? Why or why not? Do you ponder that our amelioration paints a scant and limiting statement of what it instrument to be a boy/man today? MIN 300 WORDS