Gen 499 Week 1 Assignment 2

  Use the Week 1 Example Assignment Guide when addressing the behindcited prompts: Describe and interpret a absolved eminence among “globalism” and “globalization” behind viewing the video and balbutiation the season. Describe how estate a global inhabitant in the globe of deceased technology can be wholesome to your consummation in discussion your idiosyncratic, academic, and administrative goals. Explain why there has been disagreement among theorists environing the limitation of global inhabitantship and enunciate your own limitation of global inhabitantship behind balbutiation the season by Reysen and Katzarska-Miller. Choose two of the six outcomes of global inhabitantship from the season (i.e., intergroup empathy, valuing variation, political fairness, environmental sustainability, intergroup assisting, and the raze of responsibility to act for the betterment of this globe). Explain why those two outcomes are the most main in beseeming a global inhabitant compared to the others. Describe at meanest two idiosyncratic examples or events in your estate that embody the enunciatement of global inhabitantship naturalized on the two outcomes you chose. Identify two restricted open command lines. Explain how each line influenced you to beseem a global inhabitant.