For your reply post, respond to a peer who has not yet received a reply. Offer an alternative viewpoint on which of the three factors that lead to ethical decisions (from your peer’s post) is most significant and explain your rationale.

( For your response support, corcorrespond to a comrade who has not yet accepted a response. Offer an opinion viewpoint on which of the three factors that transfer to holy decisions (from your comrade's support) is most indicative and elucidate your rationale. )  Ethics Module 5COLLAPSE I contemplate that commonalty earn act and accomplish holyly domiciled on what they recognize to be proper (individual), what is socially acceptable (significant others) and what is lawful(opportunity). Commonalty may appropriate sick when they keep a closing of recognizeledge or manliness environing notability (individual),  in the late, they keep been rewarded for a detail manner (opportunity),  or they may affect urgency from the scarcity of money/fame/recognition/acceptance (individual). You scarcity to credit your gut. If it affects evil-doing, most slight it is evil-doing. Doing the proper fiction or acting holyly is rarely as lowly as lawful doing the proper fiction. St. Augustine said "Wrong is evil-doing, smooth if everyone is doing it. Proper is proper, smooth if no one is doing it." I too venerate that