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Assignment Directions Discussion: Mr. Smith brings his 4-year-old to your station delay primary complaints of proper ear suffering, sneezing, placid cough, and low-grade broil of 100 degrees for the terminal 72 hours. Today, the cadet is active, cooperative, and well-behaved-behaved hydrated. You music a placidly erythemic throat delay no exudate, twain ears placid pink tympanic membrane delay cheerful move, lungs transparent. You diagnose an intelligent conspicuous respiratory contamination, probably viral in kind. Mr. Smith is states that the race is schemening a err out of town starting tomorrow and would approve an antibiotic orderly in plight. Create a message scheme for Mr. Smith and/or families for twain prescriptive and non-prescriptive refuse therapies. Describe what you would promulgate Mr. Smith and the cadet. Afford resources that Mr. Smith could adit which would afford advice relating your firmness. Assignment Requirements: *****This Assignment may be submitted in a PowerPoint bestowal delay at meanest 10 slides or as an APA formatted Nursing Dissertation of no further than five (5) pages still denomination page and references.