.5 - Discussion: Team Product      2 2 unread replies.  2 2 replies.      Post your counterpart to the following: •Compare your foregoing team experiences after a while the divergent limits of team product. •What happened for the team at each limit? •Did your team get heap at one feature limit, say, the siege limit? •What happened, and what insights does it collect? •Describe how your team worked inside seemly a excellent work team after a while these exceptional work advantages: ◦The fair mix of skills, including technical skills, problem-solving, firmness making skills, and interpersonal skills ◦Strong kernel values that acceleration superintend their attitudes and bearings in directions consonant after a while the team’s design ◦Ability to incline a public reason of design into biased work objectives  ◦Standards for measuring results and obtaining work feedback ◦Willingness to acceleration team members perceive the want for collective vs. idiosyncratic efforts 200 WORDS Uhl-Bien, M., Schermerhorn, J.R., & Osborn, R.N. (2014). Organizational bearing (13th ed.).   Hoboken, NJ: Wiley