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  Consider the forthcoming scenario: As the supervisor of a diligent allure courage for a healthcare form, you still n ess that the body of allures has doubled aggravate the departed year. Although you do not own the budget to commission subjoined staff, you do own an subjoined $20,000 to consume on your section to ameliorate conqueringness and customer contentment. Using the Sample Overture Template stance(attached), write a 800 message overture in which you: Explain strategies you conquer use to invent an able team that can succor you ameliorate conqueringness and customer employment in your section. Why are teams superfluous? How are teams used in other industries, such as aviation, auto racing, and the soldierlike? What best practices from other industries could be applied in the healthcare diligence? Explain formal regularityes that conquer interest or bias the decision-making regularity to ameliorate conqueringness and customer employment. Propose what resources or tools can be offered to your staff to succor after a while conqueringness and customer employment using the subjoined funds available. Cite 3 intimations to foundation your pose. One intimation MUST be the method textbook.