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  Your team is tasked by the CEO of your Construction to benchmark another sanity circumspection construction. The bench-marking order requires your team to inquiry a sanity circumspection construction (UnitedHealth Group) , resurvey their lowe?-t annual relation and demonstrate operational challenges, and opportunities, which entails providing a financial segregation of their financial statements. Your team succeed prepare the subjoined notification on the construction as well-mannered-mannered as an segregation of the construction’s financial statements you chose in Week 4. INSTRUCTOR GUIDANCE FOR TEAM: Each Team constituent must whole one of the required elements rolled beneath. In dissection, each team constituent is legitimate for defining and illusioning a consideration of one financial association rolled beneath inveterate on the construction's financial statements.(Solvency Association  150 say) Each team constituent is too required to subscribe one monition for progress that has not already been prepared by another team constituent. (150 say for the monition) Each novice must prepare their own citations and references for their exception. Each constituent is akin legitimate to fix their interest ensues the academic undiminishedness plan. These guidelines are to fix everyone subscribes to the undiminished tender and prepares pristine performance.   Recommendations for Commencement : Each team constituent must roll one monition for commencement to ensue to ameliorate financial operations (For United HealthGroup)The monitions must be inveterate on the financial segregation of the financial statements. As ordinary over, fashion certain that each team constituent subscribes at last one monition and explains their associationnale subsequently that monition. (150  say for this segregate)   The team solely demands to examine the associations rolled beneath in prointerest to the number of team constituents. So, if you solely keep 4 team constituents, then you solely demand to examine 4 of the associations rolled beneath and illusion those considerations. Current association Profitability association Liquidity association Solvency association   This is my segregate I must examine on the construction United HealthGroup Debt Service Coverage association Inventory Turnover association Operating Margin association Return on whole proceeds association