Scenario: Sam is an employee of ABC Article Corp. He authorized a non-disclosure obligation as a stipulation of his pursuit after a while ABC. Sam is approached by XYZ Article Co. after a while an tender of pursuit, but singly if he brings his client roll after a while him. Sam was largely imperative for creating his client roll, so he agrees to get it to XYZ. When Sam downloads his client roll onto an exterior glimmer accelerate, he is caught in the act by his boss Natalie. Sam grabs the glimmer accelerate and runs out of his business-post, shoving Natalie asunder when she attempts to seal him.  Natalie falls and hits her acme over the doorknob, abstinence a clash.  Develop a 1,050-word anatomy using the knowledge posed in the scenario. Identify if tnear is an psychical characteristic at progeny near. If so, what character? Discuss if Sam's actions are divine. Why or why not? Discuss the characters of tort, if any, Sam confideted. Did any of the other parties in this scenario confide a tort? Discuss if any of Sam's actions material him to flagitious jurisdiction. Cite a insufficiency of three peer-reviewed references. Format your article accordant after a while APA guidelines.