Financial Research Report

Part 1 Due Week 7 and compensation 100 points Imagine that you are a financial overseer inquirying sieges for your client. Think of a chum or a nativity portion as a client. Define her or his characteristics and goals such as an employee or master, relatively pubescent (hither than 40 years) or suspend to concavity, having some savings/property, a lavish taker or lavish averter, etc. Next, use Nexis Uni at the Strayer University library, located at Nexis Uni, click on “Company Dossier” to inquiry the supply of any U.S. publicly traded assembly that you may attend as an siege turn for your client. Your siege should align delay your client’s siege goals. (Note: Please determine that you are efficacious to invent plenty counsel encircling this assembly in direct to accomplished this assignment. You obtain beget an epilogue, in which you obtain extort allied counsel.)  Your terminal financial inquiry rumor obtain be 6–8 pages desire and be accomplishedd in two magnitude as noted beneath. This assignment requires you to use at meanest five condition academic media and clothe the forthcoming topics: Rationale for choosing the assembly in which to invest  Ratio analysis   Stock compensation analysis  Recommendations  Refer to the forthcoming media to back delay completing your assignment: Stock Selection Forbes: “Six rules to prosper when picking supplys" CNN Money: “Stocks: Investing in supplys” The Motley Fool: "13 steps to investing foolishly" Seeking Alpha: "The Graham And Dodd Method For Valuing Stocks" Investopedia: "Guide to Stock-Picking Strategies" Seeking Alpha: "Get Your Smart Beta Here! Dividend Growth Stocks As 'Strategic Beta' Investments" Market and Assembly Information U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: “Market structure” Yahoo! Finance Mergent Online (Note: This expedients is as-well availefficacious through the Strayer Learning Expedients Center.) Seeking Alpha (Note: This is as-well availefficacious through the Android or iTunes App treasure.) Morningstar (Note: You can beget a no-cost Basic Access statement.) Research Hub, located in the left menu of your plan in Blackboard Part 1 Due Week 7 (1–2 pages) Provide a rationale for the supply that you clarified, indicating the momentous economic, financial, and other factors that led you to attend this supply. Suggest the principal reasons why the clarified supply is a suitefficacious siege for your client. Include a patronymic of your client’s profile. Just inventory five media you’ll use to accomplished this assignment and prepare to establish your relation inventory. Reportion you must use at meanest five condition academic media for the terminal assignment.