Financial Market- JPY/USD Analysis

Part 1: Individual Chaffer Light Report Each of you is segregate of a team and is required to guide dogged lore that gain delight into your assembly recital. This lore consists of outlining and teaching the behaviour of a self-selected brace of diversify rates aggravate the past (i.e., your rendering of historical axioms). You must exclusively elect from currencies listed overhead and effect knowing each team part is studying a incongruous vogue brace.  THE PAIR I CHOSE IS JPY/USD SO PLEASE USE THIS PAIR   In this labor, you are required to do some lore in enjoin to devise a light concerning general and forthcoming chaffer conditions. Do you reflect that diversify rates gain go up or down in the offer 3 to 6 months?  Why do you reflect this?  For this, you should leading test the economic factors that bias the outlandish diversify rates (relight the career materials). Then you should infer and use financial intelligence and intelligence concerning generally-known and intergenerally-known events which are likely to accept an impression on the chaffer. For intelligence and chaffer axioms, you must use Eikon Online, a functional financial axioms platdevise used by toil practitioners and experts. You can too use added sources such as functional magazines, institutional websites and intelligencepapers. Do not singly repeat other people’s estimations. You should offer your estimation, and teach in your own notion why you after a whilewithhold that estimation in a way that shows that you apprehend the assumption after the determination of the diversify rates. You can surely repeat averment that supports your estimation, and this averment must be well referenced (do not suggest copies of your infered creed after a while your recital). For your light, you should use at meanest five references. Very important: You should guide complete lore and examine your chaffer light foregoing to developing your trading strategies as a team in the offer quality. Maximum of 700 notion in prolixity after a while a tolerance of + 10%