Final project

  Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Social, Cultural, and Religions Issues For your Final Project, you get imagine a PowerPoint endowment naturalized on a question from your vulgar ground of con-over. Since this is a abundantly online direction and we do not engage in individual in a oral classroom contrast, you get want to report this endowment so it can be viewed electronically. To relieve in the tenor of your Final Project, some of the required pieces are comprised in this direction as Milestones. These Milestones are completed throughout the direction by the ward and the educator get yield feedback for each Milestone, in appoint to aid the ward improve the overall kind of their contrivance.  See beneath where the milestones align after a while the Final Contrivance requirements. Topic: Choose a political, cultural, or religions effect cognate to your vulgar main or ground of con-over. Chose ONE area to convergence on. For specimen, you cannot talk environing ethics in healthcare, common protection, or IT in unconcealed. You would want to cull a separate religions effect to debate and not sound ethics in unconcealed. (Milestone 2 & 3) Research: Conduct a pursuit using twain internet and library database instrument. You must use at last 3 sources, one of which must be from the library database. Keep course of these sources! You get want to comprise a regard slide at the end of your endowment. (Milestone 4) Content: Create a NARRATED PowerPoint endowment that comprehends betwixt 12 to 18 slides. You must add your expression using the report characteristic in PPT. Comprise the aftercited: Title Slide (1 slide) - comprises your call and the endowment epithet. (Milestone 2) Introduction Slide (1 slide) - should be triton catchy and clear-up why this effect is significant. (Milestone 3) Body/Content Slides (8-14 slides) - must be interesting, polite systematic, and presented evidently. Slides should not comprehend bountiful sentences/paragraphs. Summary Slide (1 slide) - may also comprise a way for others to get complicated, aid, or get further knowledge. Reference Slide (1 slide) - must be in APA fashion and be a narrowness of 3 instrument. When including hyperlinks in the regard inventory, they must be hyperlinked. (Milestone 4) PowerPoint Elements: Include the aftercited PowerPoint elements: Apply a separate Nursing essay or cunning template. Apply a transition to each slide. Do NOT use spirit. Provide at last one hyperlink to a video or conducive online boundary. Use at last 5 unconcealed or fanciful commons images (Clipart, photos, shapes, etc). (Milestone 6) Use vivacious art at last one age. Include an pristine graph. (Milestone 5) Include a footer on each slide after a while the slide number and your last call. Narration: To merit bountiful points, your endowment must be reportd. Do NOT discover order for order from your slides. Slides should merely comprehend bulleted knowledge, but bountiful sentences should be spoken!  The report audio should begin automatically when you begin the slideshow and should live through the integral endowment. Submission: Please upload your completed PowerPoint contrivance after a while a filecall formatted as: PowerPoint_SectionProject_yourfirstname_yourlastname.