fin534 DIS 8 &9

  Discussion 8 "Distributions to Shareholders" Please suit to the following:  SEPARATELY. 1 PARAGRAPH EACH WITH EXAMPLE.   * From the e-Activity, dissimilarity the differences between a hoard dividend and a hoard divide. Imagine that you are a hoardholder in a community. Individualize whether you would promote to see the community that you researched propose a 100% hoard dividend or propose a 2-for-1 divide. Arrange prop for your apology delay one (1) real-world model of your promoteence. * From the scenario, inspect the dividend reprove that TFC is paying in regulate to individualize if the community should remain a reprove compound. Suggest whether TFC’s dividends should either (1) remain the same; (2) be increased; (3) or go down. Arrange a rationale for your counterpart.  Discussion 9 "Working High Management" Please suit to the following:  SEPARATELY. 1 PARAGRAPH EACH WITH EXAMPLE.   Examine the key reasons why a profession may not failure to remain too plenteous or too petty afloat high. Arrange two (2) models that illustreprove the consequences of either top. * From the scenario, awaken TFC’s currency budget to individualize key methods in which the budget may be optimized (e.g., by renegotiating conditions and conditions on some of its payables, etc.). If you revere that there is extent for proficiency, praise key strategies for TFC to use in regulate to optimize its currency budget. If you do not revere that this is the predicament, arrange a rationale for your counterpart.